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S&M - Shadow Neck and Wrist Restraint

Item: E28830

Prijs € 27.95

Klik hier voor meer producten van dit merk.  Test your flexibility with the adjustable connection strap. New to bondage, than this beginner neck and wrist restraint is the perfect jumping off point. Strong enough for experienced players. Use in the front or behind to keep your partners arms in front or behind their body for prayer or hog tie style positioning. Quick easy on and off combine for safe-yet-thrilling S&M play.

Product Specifications:
- Heavy-duty nylon webbing collar to cuffs set.
- Quick easy on and off adjustable, collar and cuffs.
- Adjustable connection strap
- Ingredients: 75% nylon, 18% nickel free metal, 5% hook & loop
- Includes: 56 cm Collar, 51 cm restraint strap, 23 cm cuffs


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